There are two major components: Repository and Release. A repository has one or many charts. Each chart is installed as a release to K8s. The relationship is:


helm repo list

List all the added repositories to K8s’ Helm chart repository.

# helm repo list [flags]helm repo list

helm repo add

This is my revision for CKAD exam.

I used three sources for my revision.

  1. Sanders: Optional for CKAD revision
  2. Mumshad: Essential for CKAD revision
  3. Killer.SH

Lesson 1: Understanding and Using Containers

1.1 What is a Container

  • Containers are Linux!
  • Linux Kernel Namespaces provide strict isolation between system components at different level.
  • Isolation at: network, file, users, processes, and Inter Process Communication.

Understanding ASP.NET Core 3.x

Exploring the Project Structure of ASP.NET Core 3

The Project File

These are project files of an empty project.

The Main Method

Program.cs contains Main method that is the entry point for the application.

For workshops, lectures, and talks


#1 Start with learning outcomes

Why? Keep to objective to make it worth learner’s time

#2 Keep learning outcomes concise

Why? Make the session concise because nobody like long session

#3 Use Tell-Show-Practise-Tell

Why? Use a practise/lab terminal similar to Katacode and etc.

#4 Break learners into groups of three for practice exercises

Why? Create opportunities for peer-to-peer learning

#5 Use self-directed learning elements

Why? Encourage future learning similar to referencing docs

#6 Take frequent breaks / rests

Why? Help to keep learner…

Capture metrics, traces, and logs from any source, and view them all in one place

Updated: 20 Oct 2021

Step 1

Spin up a Cloud9 instance

In AWS, create Cloud9 instance.

Step 2

Enable integration between AWS CloudWatch Log and Splunk Observability Cloud Log Observer by going to Data Setup (in Splunk Observability Cloud) > Amazon Web Services > Add Connection > Authentication Type: select External ID

Working with people

How to walk the line at workplace

The Etiquette Edge: Modern Manners for Business Success by Beverly Y. Langford


  • “Avoid appearing superior or condescending.”


  • “Avoid excessive praise of the boss.”
  • “Don’t praise as a prelude to a request.”
  • Avoid revealing sensitive information or secret.
  • “Don’t expect or demand reciprocity.” when we reveal personal information about ourselves.
Source: The Etiquette Edge: Modern Manners for Business Success by Beverly Y. Langford
  • “Keep your manager in the loop.” …

Jek Bao Choo — AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate Validation Number PQXVSCJD11FEQPCH expires on 03 April 2024

I used PluralSight for my AWS SAA revision but I felt that it’s rudimentary. On top of PluralSight, I did practice exam questions offered by Jon Bonso. I was lucky to have read what others recommended for preparation at before taking my exam.

To take AWS SAAssociate again or…

CHOO Jek Bao

Love writing my thoughts, reading biographies, and meeting like-minded friends to talk on B2B software sales, engineering & cloud solution architecture.

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