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How to walk the line at workplace

The Etiquette Edge: Modern Manners for Business Success by Beverly Y. Langford

  • “Avoid appearing superior or condescending.”
  • “Avoid excessive praise of the boss.”
  • “Don’t praise as a prelude to a request.”
  • Avoid revealing sensitive information or secret.
  • “Don’t expect or demand reciprocity.” when we reveal personal information about ourselves.
Source: The Etiquette Edge: Modern Manners for Business Success by Beverly Y. Langford
  • “Keep your manager in the loop.” while working the project because bosses hate nasty surprises.
  • “Deflate the issue with humor.”
  • “Don’t be a know-it-all.”
  • “Take the initiative and be friendly”
  • Avoid instant “friendships.”
  • “Earn a reputation as a team player.”
  • “Ask questions and solicit feedback.”
  • “Get to know the corporate culture.”
  • “Identify yourself each time you speak.” if self invited speaking.
  • “Introduce the…

Jek Bao Choo — AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate Validation Number PQXVSCJD11FEQPCH expires on 03 April 2024

I used PluralSight for my AWS SAA revision but I felt that it’s rudimentary. On top of PluralSight, I did practice exam questions offered by Jon Bonso. I was lucky to have read what others recommended for preparation at before taking my exam.

To take AWS SAAssociate again or AWS SAProfessional in the future, here is what I will do.

Step 1: Read to know what others recommended for video learning and practice questions.

Step 2a: Watch the videos. If there are 50 hours worth of video. Then estimate that I’ll need double of that (100 hours) to…

I wrote this article for two reasons. One, to explain my work-related jargons to my toddler. Two, I learn better from writing them down. So how easy can I explain what cloud computing is?


Cloud Computing is just like the houses we live in.

I’ll use my home and my daughter’s favourite toy — the kitchen playset — to explain how “Cloud Computing” is like a housing development.

My daughter’s kitchen playset is in her bedroom. Her bedroom is in my flat. My flat is leased to me by the Housing and Development Board (HDB), Singapore. My flat unit is…

India On Our Minds

This book comprises 50 essays by 50 different authors and the beauty of it is that I can cherry-pick according to my preference. However, it was hard to read as there were many varying writing styles and tones in the book.

Essays I Like

I enjoyed reading the personal accounts of Eirliani Abdul Rahman (p. 9), K. Kesavapany (p. 41), Sat Pal Khattar (p. 49), Sat Pal Khattar (p. 49), Ma Swan Hoo (p. 71), Uma Rajan (p. 83), Hernaikh Singh (p. 91), Walter Woon (p. 123), Chan Jia Hao (p. 153), and N. Varaprasad (p. 197). Their writing is clear, concise, and…

Workaround to show Phases of the Moon on Google Calendar mobile app in few steps.

According to, it’s known that “There is no way to get the phases of the moon calendar to show on the mobile calendar app. Not sure why they set it up that way, they just did.” However, there is a workaround to show Phases of the Moon on Google Calendar mobile app. This is useful for people who needs a solution to track Buddhist day of observance — Uposatha (Sanskrit: Upavasatha).

The above .gif shows how you can duplicate Phases of the Moon as your personal calendar. Personal calendar will appear on your Google Calendar mobile app.

Book review of Unnatural Causes — The Life and Many Deaths of Britain’s Top Forensic Pathologist

Dr Richard Shepherd’s book: UNNATURAL CAUSES The Life and Many Deaths of Britain’s Top Forensic Pathologist

This book is an autobiography of Britain’s top forensic pathologist, Dr Richard Shepherd. I enjoyed reading this book. Here are my five takeaways.

One, never judge a case based on publicity from sensational media outlets. One such example is the case of the Princess of Wales’s death. Some speculated about a conspiracy theory of it being a premeditated accident. However, based on his investigation, Dr Shepherd concluded that the Princess’ death was caused by a “simple, high-speed, alcohol-related, road traffic accident”.

Two, appropriate restraint techniques are critical for enforcers. Dr. Shepherd discussed the deaths of black patients “while in the…

A new unique approach to an old trade.

A good voice is important for pitching and closing deals. Because what and how we say it can attract or repel listeners. So it is important to practice your pitches and improve on your voice projection.

My “sales” voice practices are:

  • Ep. 1 — Practice abdominal and rib breathing (on exhale don’t squeeze upper abs but gently exhale) while speaking normally (e.g. May May May May May May May)
  • Ep. 5 — Practice neutral, low, and high lip trill
  • Ep. 10 — Practice middle note using piano
  • Ep. 19 — Practice breath support with V, Z, M, N, NG, and…

Explore personal sales mastery that fits your personality by yourself.

I enjoy reading up on B2B sales matter, in particular B2B software sales books. After reading a handful of sales books and forum threads, here is what I learned. Many B2B sales coaches, authors, and practitioners prescribe their sales mastery practice (i.e. sales mindset, sales techniques, and sales processes) as the “one” that you need to get customers and close deals. But, is it true?

From my observation, there is no one sales mastery practice that suits everyone. Sales skill is a personal mastery. Sales skill is highly individual. I can imitate my admired salesman (i.e. imitating his tone, his…

It’s so simple and easy to write well, you won’t believe your eyes.

I liked two books on how to write well. The first book is ‘The Elements of Style’ by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White. The authors presented the importance of down-to-earth and concise writing. This book appeals to me because I am weak at being concise in my writing while I love down-to-earth communications. This is the book that I needed.

I enjoyed this book because, as a business writer and a father of one, it does not speak to me like kids’ reading assignment. This book is great (especially for my aging eyesight) because it’s a short read with…

CHOO Jek Bao

Love writing my thoughts, reading biographies, and meeting like-minded friends to talk on B2B software sales, engineering & cloud solution architecture.

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